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My Gate Access can help you deploy a scalable, flexible access control solution for your swing gate, lift gate, or service door. Our system integrates seamlessly within your existing gate controller and grants access using iOS or Andriod devices.


Gated communities provide residents with a sense of security, but lost cards, devices, or forgotten pins can be costly and time consuming. My Gate Access allows property managers to grant residents access to your gated community through the My Gate Access mobile app. Property Managers simply provide a mobile phone number or email address for each resident, and assign gate access and restrictions. Residents will get an invitation to download the My Gate Access app via email or text message. Once the resident installs the app, they have access to open the gates you gave them permission to use.


Are you tired of drivers losing access cards or forgetting pins? My Gate Access provides warehouse operators and retail stores with simple door access for delivery drivers. Save time by granting the proper access to drivers, temporary employees, and vendors. Our device can be installed on virtually any door in just minutes.


Give your customers 24/7 access to the property without complicated pins, access devices or employees on duty. When you install My Gate Access at your storage facility, you customers can access the property through our mobile APP. Keep visitor logs and manage access through our simple-to-use management system.

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