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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i install the MyGateAccess Application on my Iphone/Andriod/Windows Phone?

Visit the iOS Store or Andriod Marketplace to download a free copy of the software.  Windows phones will be supported in 2018.

What is an Access Code?

Your apartment complex manager will supply you with an “Access Code”.  This is a unique code specifically generated for you that will allow you access to your apartment complex/business location. Simply enter the supplied code into the MyGateAccess App, your email address or phone number, and your apartment number.  If you do not have an apartment number, enter “0”.

Can an Access Code contain access to more than one gate?

Yes!  An Access Code can contain access to more than one gate, as long as the gates are at the same physical site. 

Can I use more than one Access Code?

Sure!  You can enter up to 20 Access Codes into the mobile App.  For example, you may have a primary residence and a summer apartment.  You would be supplied an Access Code from each complex manager.  Simply enter each Access Code into the App and switch between sites.

I didn't receive an Access Code!

Check your SPAM inbox.  Your complex manager has the ability to send you an Access Code via SMS and email.  If you did not receive it, please contact your complex manager.  MyGateAccess is UNABLE to generate access codes for users.

The gate didn't open!

Please send a support email to with your Access Code, email/phone number and the gate you are trying to enter.

My apartment complexes gate is broken! Can you fix it?

No.  Please contact your apartment complex manager for assistance.



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