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My Gate Access can help you deploy a scalable, flexible access control solution for your swing gate, lift gate, or service door. Our system integrates seamlessly within your existing gate controller and grants access using iOS or Andriod devices.

How My Gate Access Works

My Gate Access will install our access control device inside your gate controller, with simple integration into your existing system. Our install takes just minutes and you will not lose the functionality of your existing access systems, such as card access or key fob receivers. Property Managers provide a mobile phone number or email address for each resident, and assign gate access and restrictions. Residents will get an invitation to download the My Gate Access app via email or text message. Once the resident installs the app, they have access to open the gates you gave them permission to use.

Utilize mobile data or WiFi to avoid the cost of adding cabling.

Residents and employees can open gates using their smartphones. Grant users access to one or multiple gates.

Eliminates the cost and time spent on lost access cards, devices, or forgotten pins.

Allow users to open gates for guests eliminating the need for gate personnel.

Smartphones are authenticated through the end-user's mobile number or email address.

Protect residents and property by controlling gate access through a management dashboard.

Let’s stay in touch

Learn how MyGateAccess can simplify granting gate access with smartphone technology and simple integration. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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